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The Switch to Social Work program is an innovative partnership between The Victorian Government, The Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare, La Trobe University and community services organisations. 

The partnership represents a strategic collaboration between industry, government and higher education sectors. It aims to increase the effectiveness of child and family services in Victoria.  

At the core is a shared commitment to promoting excellence in social work practice and addressing workforce challenges. 

The Switch to Social Work design has been informed by similar success stories from the United Kingdom, input from leading industry voices, feedback from community groups, and contemporary policy research.  

Working with diverse partners has been central to the development of the program from inception to implementation, to align with the current needs of both service providers and service recipients.  

Our Program Partners are essential in achieving our mission of creating a diverse and competent workforce that will enhance the lives of children, young people and families across Victoria. 

Industry Partners

The program has partnered with Community Service Organisations to help shape the future of child and family services delivery in Victoria, and are central to the success of Switch to Social Work. These organisations will host participants across the two years of the program through their internships, field placements, and paid employment.

Their role in the program as Host Organisations is a crucial part of the educational and developmental journey of a new generation of social workers. Our industry partners include:

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