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How do I apply ?

The application process has been designed to assess a range of attributes to ensure your success in the Switch to Social Work program and as a future social worker.  

The Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare and La Trobe University can provide support in completing the application. If at any stage, you need assistance please contact us.

Applying for Switch to Social Work has three steps

Step 01

Fill in the online application form to confirm your eligibility

For this step you will be required to complete several background questions such as your name, age, and gender. All questions must be answered to complete and submit the application. 

Please note you cannot save and return to your application. This means you will need to complete it in one sitting. If you have any difficulties completing your application, please contact our team.

In addition, you will need to: 

  • Identify any undergraduate degrees that you have completed. 
  • Upload a copy of your degree(s) or statement of results.
  • Confirm your residency status including your ability to work in Australia and receive government payments. You must be able to meet this criterion for the duration of the program.  
  • Complete a word document of no more than 1,500 words in response to three questions related to your suitability for the program. The questions are:
    1. Please tell us why you are interested in participating in the Switch to Social Work program and obtaining your Master of Social Work (Child and Family Practice). Why do you feel this is the right course or profession for you?
    2. Can you please describe a time when you have had to build a relationship with a person or group of people with different values and beliefs to you? What did you do to build or establish the relationship?
    3. Please tell us how you expect you will be able to commit to the full-time immersive program and employment following the course. Do you believe there are any barriers in being able to commit to the full program? If so, what might you need to assist you in meeting the time commitment of this program.

Step 02

Complete the required test and regulatory checks

If you are eligible for the program, we will send you a link to an online psychometric test.  

The test examines how you respond to situations you may face as a social work practitioner. Your answers to the test questions will be reviewed to help us understand you better and decide if social work is for you.  

There are no right or wrong answers to the psychometric test. It simply indicates how you may respond in different situations.  

You will also be asked to complete a Working with Children Check and a Police check. 

Step 03


If you progress through the selection process, you will be asked to attend both an individual and a group interview. These are mandatory for selection into the program.   

What happens next

Applicants will be sent a letter advising them if they have a place or not in the program. 

Successful applicants will be required to sign and return a contract by 7 December 2023. 

Successful applicants who accept a place and return the contract will be invited to enroll in the Master of Social Work (Child and Family Practice) at La Trobe University between December 13-15 depending on the campus the applicant will be attending. 

Make a difference in your community when you Switch to Social Work

Contact us

We can help you with your application. If you need more information or reasonable adjustments, please contact us